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(Note - Ostynn's message applies to everyone!)

1)  View Yourself Objectively-

In response to recent public concern brought about by the Presidential Primaries, Washington has the opportunity to stand back and view itself with a fresh and new objective perspective.

2)  Light That Spark Within-

Washington has the opportunity to rekindle its own Spark, which could help set them off on a new path of self-discovery and self-transformation, and in a way that benefits not only themselves individually, but their respective political parties and America as well!

3)  Heads Out Of The Sand-

It is not our intent to single out Washington as we ALL limit ourselves. Washington has been given the opportunity to pull their heads out of the sand, to see the world anew, and to discover new ways of solving the problems of America and taking advantage of its opportunities.

"In the beginners mind there are many possibilities . . .
in an experts mind there are few!"

4)  Push Your Boundaries / Reach Beyond Yourself-

We ALL imagine ourselves more tomorrow than we are today. Everyone has potential and everyone should have the opportunity to fly to his or her own new heights. Washington's opportunity to push its boundaries could be to focus on what we all share in common and find new ways to create win-win solutions. A great goal to begin with could be to unify their respective parties!

5)  Fly To New Heights

Washington has great potential to help fly America to new heights! What they learn from unifying their respective parties, they could then apply to unifying America! There are many opportunities to focus on common goals, to focus what we ALL share in common, and to focus on how we ALL get there together.

Ostynn the Ostrich and the Fantasy of Flight book

Ostynn the Ostrich and the Fantasy of Flight book


On their trip to Washington D.C. from June 10, 2016 to June 23, 2016, Ostynn and Kermit successfully delivered 565 autographed books of Ostynn's message to each and every member of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Executive Branch, and the Presidential Candidates!

Ostynn For America - Sparks for Change!


Preview of Ostynn's Story of Change!


Ostynn the Ostrich and the Fantasy of Flight book
Ostynn the Ostrich and the Fantasy of Flight
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Kermit is the campaign manager and author of Ostynn's story and you can check him out in this short film bio -

This is Kermit Weeks – Light That Spark Within!

This is Kermit Weeks

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Ostynn's Letter to the Government
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Hi, my name is Ostynn T. Ostrich . . .

and I'm the star of a new book called Ostynn the Ostrich and the Fantasy of Flight. It's a great story for all ages about my journey of self-discovery!

As you know, Ostriches are known for having their heads in the sand. But as part of my amazing change, I saw myself objectively, a Spark lit within me, I pulled my head out of the sand, and now have my sights set very high. My story is a metaphor for how we limit ourselves based on our beliefs but are balanced with the infinite potential that lies within and I can't think of a better place to begin sharing my story and spreading my message in this election year than Washington D.C.!

There are a lot of characters in Washington and, since I am obviously one as well, I feel I would fit right in. Who is better qualified than me, Ostynn the Ostrich and my Ostynn "T. Party," to share such an inspiring story with our Government in Washington about seeing ourselves objectively, getting our heads out of the sand, and soaring this country to new heights!

I feel it should be obvious, if you only use your "Left Wing" or you only use your "Right Wing" to try and fly, you will end up going around in circles. Even an Ostrich knows IT TAKES TWO WINGS TO FLY! Because of the craziness of this presidential election year and the timing of this great political opportunity, I am announcing the launch of a campaign called Ostynn for America to spread my message!

We all want to see positive change, and there is no better place to share this story than WASHINGTON D.C. and there is no better time than NOW! I encourage you to share this with your friends, and follow our campaign on Facebook and our website.

We appreciate your help and support in getting our message out.

Thank you!

Ostynn T. Ostrich

I'm Ostynn and I support this message!
Ostynn T. Ostrich
Ostynn's Signature

(Historical Note - It's a little known fact that one of Ostynn's distant relatives was one of our country's famous forefeathers . . . John Peacock! Smile! )